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How I survived my Husband's Writing
A brief account of how we got into this business
Carry Me Away
The story of one mother's loss as she copes with the emotional trauma of suffering a miscarriage.
Night Trek
The story of a Native family and their struggle in the Canadian wilderness.
The Gift
To Pat Wolinski there was something special about being the life line to the people of these remote communities.
A short story of adventure on the high seas of the South Atlantic.
Night Trek
by Ed Zaruk
ISBN: 987-0-9812460-3-1
Published by: Haakon Publishing

 Helen Beaver's seven month old baby is sick, and she has no idea why.  The nearest help is a Hudson's Bay trading post, but it is a two-day journey away and the January winter has turned bitterly cold.

With no other option available, Helen and her husband Frank, leave the warmth and safety of their wilderness cabin to begin the long night trek.


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