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One of Canada's true legends is the Canadian bush pilot.  Unlike Grant McConachie and Russ Baker, many were small operators who preferred the rugged life flying vast wilderness country to the comfort of a 747 captain's seat.

Among them were a few men of vision who wanted a larger piece of the aviation world and expanded their operations while not losing sight of the need for bush flying. Two of these would manage Ontario Central airlines in different styles.

Don Watson envisioned partening up with Jack Austin of Autsin Airways to create a regional carrier in Ontario.  Denied the opportunity, he moved on to expand Pacific Western Airlines into 37 countries.

When Barney Lamm, who purchased OCA from Rex Kiteley and Gordy Hollinsworth, took over, he returned the airline to its roots serving fly-in fishing lodges from Red Lake and Kenora in Northwestern Ontario.  

This is their story as told from the distant memories of people who worked for Barney.  Seven years in the making, this book will be an important addition to your aviation library.

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Flown in 1935 and still in service, the legendary made-in-Canada Norseman is one of the world's greatest bush planes. 


  Starting with the Norseman as a project in the eye of Robert Noorduyn, the early chapters take you from aircraft design to the first flight and early struggles getting sales. 

During the war year production was driven by military orders.  Suddenly after the war, hundreds of surplus Norseman were cheaply available and the airplane went back to it roots in the bush and Arctic. 


Vol 1 -Larry Milberry and Hugh A. Halliday have put together 450 photos in this 232 page, 9 x 12 inch book.

Vol 2 - Larry has done this book of 304 pages in full colour.  It will delight any fan of Canada's great aviation history.

Available at Canadian Museum of Flight   Fort Langley, B.C.

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